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Creative Expressions in Jewelry & Mixed Media
Artist - Deb Guess
Located in Arden North Carolina & Summerville, South Carolina

B2096-Ancient Languages-$248
I define myself as a "creative junkie" who needs regular opportunities to create art in order to find my center.  Convinced that there is a strong and direct connection between creativity and spirituality, I have spent years using art as a way to help myself and others get in touch with the "spirit within."  For the past fifteen years, my primary focus has become working with metals and mixed media, predominantly in the arena of jewelry metalsmithing.  My passion for metals stems from my ability to incorporate infinite techniques, designs, materials, and themes into miniature pieces of wearable art.  In addition to creating art, I enjoy teaching and watching my own passion for creativity mirrored in the faces of students.

There are some important rules in metalsmithing, but most of them are made to be broken as artists move in new directions. I would definitely define myself as a "rule breaker."   Finding inspiration for my work in architecture, nature, and history, I love incorporating found and vintage objects into my work along with other unexpected mixed media.
E2085-Weird Windows-$82
I live in Arden, NC where I work full time in my Soul Whispers Arts studio and enjoy gardening, photography, cooking, and traveling as further ways to explore my creative side. Thanks for taking a look at the visual expressions that have resulted from my creative ramblings. I hope you find that at least some of them "whisper" to the soul inside of you.


As you search the website you will find pieces that are available for purchase here, pieces that are currently in galleries and pieces that have been sold and are shown here to inspire you. If you see something you like on the ”pieces to Inspire” page, contact me and I’ll be happy to create something similar for you.