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N974-Spoondangle Variation-$168

N974 Spoondangle Variation $168

N946-Copy Color My World-$168

N946 Color My World $168

N921-Prayers for Peace #2-$228

N921 Prayers for Peace #2 $228

N903-Beaded Bullet Basket-$148

N903 Beaded Bullet Basket $148

N792-Copper Loops on Steroids-$108

N792 Copper Loops on Steroids $108

N788-Spirit Box with Mica Window-$228

N788 Spirit Box with Mica Window $228

N468-Jasper a la Copper-$128

N468 Jasper a la Copper $128

N340-Bottled Magic-$142

N340 Bottled Magic $142

N219-Spinning barrelcrop

N219 Spinning Barrel $148

N2120-Through the Looking Glass-$148

N2120 Trhough the Looking Glass $148

N2104-Orange Eye-$148

N2104 Orange Eye $148

N2103-Regal Tones-$178

N2103 Regal Tones $178

N2102-Natural Wonders-$178

N2102 Natural Wonders $178

N2101-Silver & Cream-$168

N2101 Silver & Cream $168

N2100-Copper If You Don't Mind-$108

N2100 Copper, If You Don't Mind $108

N2071-Copper & Sterling Leaf-$102

N2071 Copper & Sterling Leaf $102

N2070-Silver Spoon Pendant #2-$168

N2070 Silver Spoon Pendant #2 $168

N2068-Silver Spoon with Aquamarine -$168

N2068 Silver Spoon w Aquamarine $168

N2067-Grandma's Knife-$168

N2067 Grandma's Knife $168

N2066-Sacred Stone-$148

N2066 Sacred Stone $148

N2065-Stacked Stones Pendant-$228

N2065 Stacked Stones Pendant $228

N2061-Captured Earth-$218

N2061 Captured Earth $218

N2060-Tubes in Flower-$128

N2060 Tubes in Flower $128

N2034-Highlighted Map-$178

N2034 Highlighted Map $178

N2002-Dinner's Served-$168

N202 Dinner's Served $168

N2014-Grapes of Wrath-$128

N2014 Grapes of Wrath $128

N2014-Grapes of Wrath-$128

N2014 Grapes of Wrath $128

N1999-Found and Fabulous-$188

N1999 Found and Fabulous $188

N1996-Little Book of Secrets-$118

N1996 Little Book of Secrets $118

N1995-Birds Haven-$188

N1995 Birds Haven $188

N1973-Cutting It Up-$168

N1973 Cutting It Up $168


N1972 WorldView $148

N1967-Crosses & Pearls-$198

N1967 Crosses & Pearls $198

N1966-Silver Sleeved Necklace-$245

N1966 Silver Sleeved $245

N1964-Enjoy the Jasper-$168

N1964 Enjoy the Jasper $168

N1886-Swiss Blue-$178

N1886 Swiss Blue $178

N1885-Three on a Wire-$118

N1885 Three on a Wire - $118

N187-Basket of Daises-$185

N187 Basket of Daisies $185

N1810-Lampwork Beauty-$218

N1810 Lampwork Beauty $218

N181-Wedding Cake Suspended-$220

N181 Wedding Cake Suspended $220

N1796-Five Little Panels-$208

N1796 Five Little Panels $208

N1773-Coin Pearl Captured-$148

N1773 Coin Pearl Captured $148

N1771-Silver Bell-218

N1771 Silver Bell $218

N1766-Turtle Under Glass-$128

N1766 Turtle Under Glass $128


N1755 Balancer $118

N1754-Dinner with Granny-$188

N1754 Dinner with Granny $188

N1706-Wearing of the Green-$148

N1706 Wearing of the Green $148


N1704 Stoned $148

N1700-Beach Under Glass-$118

N1700 Beach Under Glass $118

N1672-From This Branch-$188

N1672 From This Branch $188

N1657-All Cut Up-$208

N1657 All Cut Up $208

N1651-Pierced Sterling Pendant-$168

N1651 Pierced Sterling Pendant $168

N1615-Asian Eye-$218

N1615 Asian Eye $218

N1607-Large Woven Pod-$198

N1607 Large Woven Pod $198

N1604-Caged Stone-$148

N1604 Caged Stone $148

N1600-Time Gone By-$168

N1600 Time Gone By $168

N1591-Marbled Turq Captured-$188

N1591 Marbled Turqouise Captured $188

N1539-Round & Around-$208

N1539 Round & Around $208

N1493-Burnished Steel Cocoon-$168

N1493 Burnished Steel Cocoon $168

N1581-Fork with Face-$168

N1481 Fork with Faces $168

N1457-From Throat to Throat-$198

N1457 From Throat to Throat $198

N1391-Trail of Tears-$128

N1391 Trail of Tears $128

N1384-I Like Drama-$188

N1384 I Like Drama $188

N1374-Mirror Images0$148

N1374 Mirror Images $148

N1368-Spinning Tube-$148

N1368 Spinning Tube $148

N1294-Two Coins Make a Box-$228

N1294 Two Coins Make a Box #228

N1291-Spirit box with Stone-$248

N1291 Spirit Box with Stone $248

N1213-Beaded Sampler-$128

N1213 Beaded Sampler $128

N1164-Aunt Anne's Bottle-$148

N1164 Aunt Anne's Bottle $148

N1061-Fun Funnel-$188

N1061 Fun Funnel $188