B926-Layers Upon Layers-$92

B926 Layer Upon Layers $92

B918-Form Folded Bronze Cuff-$72

B918 Form Folded Bronze Cuff $72

B809-Season of Spirals-$72

B809 Season of Spirals $72

B678-Burnished Steel w Mother of Pearl-$84

B678 Burnished Steel w Mother of Pearl $84

B649-All That's Holey-$148

B649 All That's Holey $148

B561-Swiss Cheese Inspired-$148

B561 Swiss Cheese Inspired $148

B453-Copper on Point

B453 Copper on Point $98

B355-Bronze on Point-$132

B355 Bronze on Point $132

B352-Silver on Point-$148

B352 Silver on Point $148

B2216-Sterling Sampler Bracelety-$228

B2216 Sterling Sampler Bracelet $228

B2211-Geometry in Abundance-$218

B2211 Geometry in Abundance $218

B2210-Copper Loop Bracelet-$98

B2210 Copper Loop Bracelet $98

B2178-Ancient Relics Circles-$118

B2187 Ancient Relics Circles $118

B2162-Dainty Divas-$118

B2162 Dainty Divas $118

B2161-Pleasing Panels-$168

B2161 Pleasing Panels $168

B2160-Three Leaves Linked-$168

B2160 Three Leaves Linked $168

B2121-Spinners Abound-$118

B2121 Spinners Abound $118

B2119-Jade Meets Silver-$128

B2119 Jade Meets Silver $128

B2118 -Black & Silver- $118

B2118 Black & Silver $118

B2113-Triple Strands-$128

B2113 Triple Strands $128

B2099-Copper & Sterling Tabbed Bangle-$98

B2099 Copper & Sterling Tabbed Bangle $98

B2098-Fold Formed Colorful Cuff-$88

B2098 Fold Formed Colorful Cuff $88

B2097-Warrior Woman-$248

B2097 Warrior Woman $248

B2096-Ancient Languages-$248

B2096 Ancient Languages $248

B2089-Chalcedony Bracelet-$128

B2089 Chalcedony Bracelet $128

B2087-Sterling & Copper Cuff-$118

B2087 Sterling & Copper Cuff $118

B2064-Bangle Set with Spinner-$72

B2064 Bangle Set with Spinner $72

B2042-Fold Formed Cuff-$88

B2042 Fold Formed Cuff $88

B2041-Terra Firma-$128

B2041 Terra Firma $128

B2033-Llinked Loops-$138

B2033 Linked Loops $138

B2023-Narrow Sterling Tabbed Bangle #2-$168

B2023 Narrow Sterling Tabbed Bangle $168

B2022-Narrow Sterling Tabbed Bangle #1-$168

B2022 Narrow Sterling Tabbed Bangle #1 $168

B2021-Lampwork & Copper-$98

B2021 Lampwork & Copper $98

B2012-Quite a Cuff-$168

B2012 Quite a Cuff $168

B2011-Leaves in a LIne-$148

B2011 Leaves in a Line $148

B2003-Statement Sterling-$268

B2003 Statement Sterling $268

B1976-Reticulat4ed Statment-$178

B1976 Reticulated Statement $178

B1975-Little Art Panels-$168

B1975 Little Art Panels $168

B1974-Ovals on Ovals-$128

B1974 Ovals on Ovals $128

B1965-Silver Sleeved Bracelet-$160

B1965 Silver Sleeved Bracelet $160

B1948-Textured Ovals-$138

B1948 Textured Ovals $138

B1940-Tiny Textures-$138

B1940 Tiny Textures $138

B1932-Lunar Landing-$188

B1932 Lunar Landing $188

B1916-Reticulated Links-$178

B1916 Reticulated Links $178

B1915-Money Money Mondy-$138

B1915 Money, Money, Money $138

B1914-Double Lines of Links-$158

B1914 Double Lines of Links $158

B1895-Fold Formed Tabbed Cuff-$98

B1895 Fold Formed Tabbed Cuff $98

B1894-Spirals on Steroids-$128

B1894 Spirals on Steroids $128

B1845-Assymetrical Sterling Tabbed Cuff $168

B1845 Assymetrical Sterling Tabbed Cuff $168

B1820-Azure Statement-$98

B1820 Azure Statement $98

B1807-Captured Bangles-$128

B1807 Captured Bangles $128

B1793-Tabbed Bronze Cuff-$138

B1793 Tabbed Bronze Cuff $138


B1787 Loop-ti-La &88

B1782-Spirit box Bracelet-$248

B1782 Spirit Box Bracelet $248

B1768-Wide Sterling Tabbed Bracelet-$168

B1768 Wide Sterling Tabbed Bracelet $168

B1767-Narrow Sterling Tabbed Bracelet-$148

B1767 Narrow Sterling Tabbed Bracelet $148

B1765-Cpopper Sampler Bracelet-$158

B1765 Copper Sampler Bracelet $158

B1753-A Little of This & That -$218-

B1753 A Little of This & That $218

B1748-Punctured Tire-$168

B1748 Punctured Tire $168

B1747-Assymetrical Fantasy-$188

B1747 Assymetrical Fantasy $188

B1740-Unique Around-$248

B1740 Unique Around $248

B1710-Mixed Metal Bangles-$108

B1710 Mixed Metal Bangles $108

B1709-Mixed Metal Bangle w Spinner Ring-$128

B1709 Mixed Metal Bangle with Spinner $128

B1677-Rainbow's Pallete-$188

B1677 Rainbow's Palette $188

B1670-Sunburst Coopper Cuff-$98-

B1670 Sunburst Copper Cuff $98

B1650-Upcycled Marvel-$138

B1650 Upcycled Marvel $138

B1649-Cuff on Fire-$88

B1649 Cuff on Fire $88

B1580 Fold Formed Copper Cuff-$98

B1580 Fold Formed Copper Cuff $98

B1570-Bronze Pillow Bracelet-$138

B1570 Bronze Pillow Bracelet $138

B1568-Etched Expressions-$148

B1568 Etched Expressions $148

B1537-Secure Six-$128

B1537 Secure Six $128

B1482-Fine Silver #2-$148

B1482 Fine Silver #2 $148

B1481-Fine Silver #1-$148

B1481 Fine Silver #1 $148

B1476-From the Sea-$128

B1476 From the Sea $128

B1473-Anticlastic Cuff-$98

B1473 Anticlastic Cuff $98

B1451-Textured Bronze Anticlastic Cuff-$128

B1451 Textured Bronze Anticlastic Cuff $128

B1450-Copper Anticlastic Bangle-$78

B1450 Copper Anticlastic Bangle $78

B1410-Floral Bangle 8.5-$148

B1410 Floral Bangle $148

B1406-Sterling Dainty Bangle-$88

B1406 Sterling Dainty Bangle $88

B1403-Sterling Dotted Bangle-$148

B1403 Sterling Dotted Bangle $148

B1395-Blue Jean Mandate-$108

B1395 Blue Jean Mandate $108

B1394-Coiled Leaves-$98

B1394 Coiled Leaves $98

B1351-Round & Round-$148

B1351 Round & Round $148

B1345-Between the Links-$128

B1345 Between the Links $128

B1341-Pointed in all Directions-$138

B1341 Pointed in all Directions $138

B1330-Rocky Ground-$328

B1330 Rocky Ground $328


B1299 4" Sterling Cuff $168

B1298-Fold Form Cuff-$98

B1298 Fold Form Cuff $98

B1286-LInks & Loops-$148

B1286 LInks & Loops $148

B1278-Curves & Lines -$168

B1278 Curves & Lines $168

B1274-All About Copper-$138

B1274 All About Copper $138

B1273-Sum of all Parts-$128

B1273 Sum of all Parts $128

B1268-Art Unleashed-$128

B1268 Art Unleashed $128

B1263-Cooper Loops-$148

B1263 Cooper Loops $148


B1245 Sassy $98

B1222-Full Bloom-$128

B1222 Full Bloom $128

B1182-Amber Elegance-$128

B1182 Amber Elegance $128

B1166-Ovals and Squares-$158

B1166 Ovals and Squares $158

B1158-Too Fun-$228

B1158 Too Fun $228

B1083-Loopy Steel-$72

B1083 Loopy Steel $72

B1040-24 Hours-$138

B0140 24 hours $138