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E993-Off to the Barber-$48

E993 Off to the Barber $48

E828-Sterling Prayer Box Rolers-$72

E828 Sterling Prayer Box Rollers $72

E791-Ocean's Away-$48

E791 Ocean's Away $48

E785-Calming Green-$52

E785 Calming Green $52

E597-Sterling Knots-$52

E597 Sterling Knots $52

E437-Navajo Inspired-$72

E437 Navajo Inspired $72

E2217-Horesehoe Shapes-$62

E2217 Horseshoe Shapes $62

E2209-Domes on Loops-$48

E2209 Domes on Loops $48

E2208-Geometry on a Stick-$82

E2208 Geometry on a Stick $82

E2207-LIttle Bells-$72

E2207 Little Bells $72

E2206-Bitty Round Boxes-$62

E2206 Bitty Round Boxes $62

E2205-Crescent Roll Spinners-$92

E2205 Cresent Roll Spinners $92

E2200-Square Spirit Boxes-$62

E2200 Square Spirit Boxes $62

E2198-Lentils on as Stem-$82

E2198 Lentiles on a Stem $82

E2197-Three Under Glass-$52

E2197 Three Under Glass $52

E2196-Lzay Dazys-$82

E2196 Lazy Dazys $82

E2194-Spider Legs-$62

E2194 Spider Legs $62

E2193-Textures Abound-$42

E2193 Textures Abound $42

E2191-Coin Pearls Swinging-$48

E2191 Coin Pearls Swinging $48

E2189-Pearls Under Glass-$72

E2189 Pearls Under Glass $72

E2188-Underwater Grasses-$62

E2188 Underwater Grasses $62

E2183-LIttle Triplets-$72

E2183 Little Triplets $72

E2181-Silver & Gold-$72

E2181 Silver & Gold $72

E2180-So Simple-$72

E2180 So Simple $72

E2177-Ancient Relic Ovals-$62

E2177 Ancient Relic Ovals $62

E2176-Ancient Relic Domes-$72

E2176 Ancient Relic Domes $72

E2175-Little Pieces-$48

E2175 Little Pieces $48

E2174-Moving Parts-$72

E2174 Moving Parts $72

E2173-Ancient Relic With Washers-$48

E2173 Ancient Relic with Washers $48

E2172-Triangles with Bowls-$72

E2172 Triangles with Bowls $72

E2170-All Rolled Up-$92

E2170 All Rolled Up $92

E2155-Pendulum Swings-$52

E2155 Pendulum Swings $52


E2153 Harmony $52

E2151-Oval Honeycombs-$52

E2151 Oval Honeycombs $52

E2150-Daisy Days-$82

E2150 Daisy Days $82

E2141-Leaves and Pearls-$72-

E2141 Leaves & Pearls $72

E2139-Amber and Ovals-$72

E2139 Amber and Ovals $72

E2138-.All About the Numbers-$52jpg

E2138 All About the Numbers $52

E2135-Jade Dangles -$72

E2135 Jade Dangles $72

E2133-Fold Formed Diamonds-$72

E2133 Fold Fromed Diamonds $72

E2132-Little Red Spirals-$62

E2132 Little Red Spirals $62

E2131-Reticulated Disc w Swavorski-$82

E2131 Reticulated Disc w Swavorski $82

E2130-Reticulated Disc w Pearl-$82

E2130 Reticulated Disc w Pearl $82

E2129-Reticulated Wedge w Peridot-$82

E2129 Reticulated Wedge w Peridot $82

E2128-Golden Cylinders-$72

E2128 Golden Cylinders $72

E2127-Teeny Tiny-$62

E2127 Teeny Tiny $62

E2126-Tubes on Stems-$82

E2126 Tubes on Stems $82

E2125-Fold Formed & Tiny-$72

E2125 Fold Formed & Tiny $72

E2124-Reticulated Wedge w Garnet-$82

E2124 Reticulated Wedge w Garnet $82

E2112-Lovely Layers-$82

E2112 Lovely Layers $82

E2110-Bezeled Beauties-$82

E2110 Bezeled Beautires $82

E2095-Cricus Time-$62

E2095 Circus Time $62

E2094-Jasper on a Wire-$62

E2094 Jasper on a Wire $62

E2092-Texture Abounds-$72

E2092 Texture Abounds $72

E2091-Red Wows Em-$72

E2091 Red Wows 'Em $72

E2079-Pewter Panels-$52

E2079 Pewter Panels $52


E2072 Chalcedony $62

E2059-Triple Stacked-$92

E2059 Triple Stacked $92

E2058-Double Stacked-$82

E2058 Double Stacked $82

E2055-Perhaps Its Paper-$82

E2055 Perhaps It's Paper $82

E2054-Dainty in Black-$62

E2054 Dainty in Black $62

E2049-Shrimp Forks on a Wire-$108

E2049 Shrimp Forks on a Wire $108

E2047-Leafy Layers-$72

E2047 Leafy Layers $72

E2029-Wire Spirals with Pearls-$52

E2029 Wire Spirals with Pearls $52

E2026-Ltots a Loops-$72

E2026 Lots a Loops $72

E2017-Triple Threat-$52

E2017 Triple Trheat $52

E2016-Jamming Jasper-$72

E2016 Jamming Jasper $72

E2010-Lots of Texture-$82

E2010 Lots of Texture $82

E2004-Skeleton Trees-$72

E2004 Skeleton Trees $72

E1997-Jump for Joy #1-$72

E1997 Jump for Joy #1 $72

E1994-Tiny Boxes-$72

E1994 Tiny Boxes $72

E1991-Brass Shields-$72

E1991 Brass Shields $72

E1986-Mirror Images-$72

E1986 Mirror Images $72

E1985 Windchime #3-$72

E1985 Windchime #3 $72

E1981-Discs on Display-$62

E1981 Discs on Display $62

E1980-Little Gold Bowls-$52

E1980 Little Gold Bowls $52

E1978-Crystal Chunks-$48

E1978 Crystal Chunks $48

E1963-Silver Crescents-$62

E1963 Silver Crescents $62

E1982-Small Asian Art-$72

E1962 Small Asian Art $72

E1959-Tubes & Turqouise-$72

E1959 Tubes & Turquoise $72

E1958-Fused and then Some-$72

E1958 Fused & Then Some $72


E1957 Yo-Yo $72

E1956-On the Beach-$82

E1956 On the Beach $82

E1954-Copper Cups_$52

E1954 Copper Cups $52

E1953-Little Silver Jugs-$82

E1953 Little Silver Jugs $82

E1947-Baby Boxes-$72

E1947 Baby Boxes $72

E1943-Teeny Tiny-$52

E1943 Teeny Tiny $52

E1938-Baby blues-$82

E1938 Baby Blues $82

E1937-Shooting Daggers0$82

E1937 Shooting Daggers $82

E1936-Shopstick Inspired0$52

E1936 Chopstick Inspired $52

E1935-Miner's Delight-$82

E1935 Miner's Delight $82

E1934-Oval Spirit Boxes-$82

E1934 Oval Spirit Boxes $82

E1927-Bangle with Bits-$148

E1927 Bangle with Bits $148

E1920-HInged Washers-$62

E1920 Hinged Washers $62

E1913-Easy Peasy-$48

E1913 Easy Peasy $48

E1910-Oval Knots-$72

E1910 Oval Knots $72

E1909-Etched Panels-$52

E1909 Etched Panels $52

E1907-Swings Underneath-$72

E1907 Swings Underneath $72

E1906-Pendululm and then Some-$82

E1906 Pendulum & Then Some $82

E1902-Cup on the Edge-$48

E1902 Cup on the Edge $48

E1883-Peridot On Parade-$92

E1883 Peridot On Parade $92

E1882-Classics on Steroids-$82

E1882 Classics on Steroids $82

E1880-Aztex Inspired-$72

E1880 Aztec Inspired $72

E1851-Roped Hatboxes-$82

E1851 Roped Hatboxes $82

E1849-A Little Unbalanced-$72

E1849 A Little Unbalanced $72

E1847-Peridot on Leaves-$92

E1847 Peridot on Leaves $92

E1837-Three Dots-$72

E1837 Three Dots $72


E1836 Whimsy $72

E1832-So Sassy-$82

E1832 So Sassy $82

E1831-Little Hat Boxes-$72

E1831 Little Hat Boxes $72

E1827-Caged Blues-$72

E1827 Caged Blues $72

E1822-Spirit Boxes on Point-$92

E1822 Spirit Boxes on Point $92

E1801-Tiny Bells-$52

E1808 Tiny Bells $52

E1805-Bronze Beauties-$72

E1805 Bronze Beauties $72

E1799-Sunset on a Wire-$62

E1799 Sunset on a Wire $62

E1797-Fused Swingers-$72

E1797 Fused Swingers $72

E1795-Little Birdhouses-$108

E1795 Little Birdhouses $108

E1791-Free Wheeling

E1791 Free Wheeling $52

E1790-Oval Spirit Boxes-92

E1790 Oval Spirit Boxes $92

E1789-Square Spirit Boxes-$82

E1789 Square Spirit Boxes $82

E1785-Little Favorites-$62

E1785 Little Favorites $62

E1783-Pearl on a Wire-$52

E1783 Pearl on a Wire $52

E1781-A Look Within-$92

E1781 A Look Within $92

E1780-Half a Lentil-$72

E1780 Half a Lentil $72

E1779-LIttle Boxes-$82

E1779 Little Boxes $82

E1777-It's All Angles-$62

E1777 It's All Angles $62

E1769-Tiny Tabbed Dangles-$48

E1769 Tiny Tabbed Dangles $48

E1761-Beaded Beauties-$48

E1761 Beaded Beauties $48

E1759-Daily Favorites-$52

E1759 Daily Favorites $52

E1758-Scrolled Sterling_$72

E1758 Scrolled Sterling $72

E1757-Fire Citrine Embelleshed-$82

E1757 Fire Citrine Embellished $82

E1756-LIttle Dangling Diamons-$52

E1756 Little Dangling Diamonds $52

E1751-Ancient Relics-$72

E1751 Ancient Relics $72

E1745-The Circus in in Town-$52

E1745 The Circus in in Town $52

E1743-Lively Leaves-$52

E1743 Lively Leaves $52

E1739-Sterling Kites-$52

E1739 Sterling Kites $52

E1737-Diamonds & Circles-$52

E1737 Diamonds & Circles $52

E1733-Just Swinging-$72

E1733 Just Swinging $72

E1728-Captured Coins-$82

E1728 Captured Coins $82

E1725-Inca Inspired_$72

E1725 Inca Inspired $72

E1719-Three Little Cups-$62

E1719 Three Little Cups $62

E1715-Outside the Lines-$72

E1715 Outside the Lines $72

E1683-Fine & Fused-$82

E1683 Fine & Fused $82


E1668 Victory $62

E1664-From the Mines-$78

E1664 From the Mines $78

E1663-Field of Flowers-$72

E1663 Field of Flowers $72

E1659-Tiny tumblers-$72

E1659 Tiny Tumblers $72

E1642-Cutting Up-$72

E1642 Cutting Up $72

E1642-Cutting Up-$72

E1642 Cutting Up $72

E1638-Enameled Spirals-$48

E1638 Enameled Spirals $48

E1635-Sterling Spirals-$52

E1635 Sterling Spirals $52

E1631-Pearl Underwater-$72

E1631 Pearl Underwater $72

E1627-Copper Cutwork-$72

E1627 Copper Cutwork $72

E1621-Little Islands-$72

E1621 Little Islands $72

E1610-Twenty One & Twenty Two-$82

E1610 Twenty-one & Twenty-two $82

E1602-Jasper and Swirls-$72

E1602 Jasper & Swirls $72

E1576-Itty Bitties-$62

E1576 Itty Bitties $62

E1552-All Those Circles-$82

E1552 All Those Circles $82

E1531-Upcycled #4-$82

E1531 Upcycled #4 $82

E1519-Upcycled #1-$72

E1519 Upcycled #1 $72

E1515-Sterling Seeds-$72

E1515 Sterling Seeds $72

E1509-Sterling Hornet Nests-$82

E1509 Sterling Hornet Nests $82

E1503-Funnels of Fun-$78

E1503 Funnels of Fun $78

E1498-Copper Cocoons-$82

E1498 Copper Cocoons $82

E1484-Copper Double Pyramids-$62

E1484 Copper Double Pyramids $62

E1440-Wearing of the Green-$72

E1440 Wearing of the Green $72

E1439-Sort of Shrimpy-$62

E1439 Sort of Shrimpy $62

E1422-An Eye Toward Aliens-$82

E1422 An Eye Toward Aliens $82

E1417-Which Way to Oz?-$62

E1417 Which Way to Oz? $62

E1416-Oval Swings-$82

E1416 Oval Swings $82

E1355-A Tiny Taste-$82

E1355 A Tiny Taste $82

E1322-Like a Spoon-$82

E1322 LIke a Spoon $82

E1254-Parts of a Whole-$52

E1254 Parts of a Whole $52

E1248-Wild Wild West-$52

E1248 Wild Wild West $52

E1226-Tabbed Flowers-$72

E1226 Tabbed Flowers $72

E1144-Which Way is Up-$52

E1144 Which Way is Up $52