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Pins & rings
R870-Cup of Blessing-$118

R870 Cup of Blessing $118

R837-Dainty Layers-$92

R837 Dainty Layers $92

R638-Special Order-$142

R638 Special Order $142

R533-Jasper Oval-$108

R533 Jasper Oval $108

R487-Sterling Posie #1-$142

R487 Sterling Posie #1 $142

R2187-Patterened Wire Band-$72

R2187 Patterned Wire Band $72

R2186- Hammered Half Round Band-$72

R2186 Hammered Half Round Band $72

R2185-Hammered Square Band-$72

R2185 Hammered Square Band $72

R2163-Three on a Bar-$88

R2163 Three on a Bar $88


R2117 Moonscape $118

R2116-Pinky Ring-$108

R2116 Pinky Ring $108

R2093-New Pence Ring-$108

R2093 New Pence Ring $108

R2063-Beads on the Table-$118

R2063 Beads on the Table $118

R2046-Tibetan Coin Ring-$88

R2046 Tibetan Coin Ring $88

R2045-1982 20 Pence-$128

R2045 1982 Twenty Pence $128

R2044-1970 New Pence-$108

R2044 1970 New Pence $108

R2043-1980 Denmark-$88

R2043 1980 Demark Ring $88

R2009-Bowl on Wrap Around-$128

R2009 Bowl on Wrap Around $128

R2008-Got the Blues-$168

R2008 Got the Blues $168

R1962-The Golden Egg-$148

R1962 The Golden Egg $148

R1961-Reticulated Ring-$148-

R1961 Reticulated Ring $148

R1930-Narrow Band with Aquamarine-$108

R1930 Narrow Band with Aquamarine $108

R1929-Wrap Around with Peridot0$118

R1929 Wrap Around with Peridot $118

R1928-Peridot on Top-$158

R1928 Peridot on Top $158

R1844-50 Francs-$138

R1844 50 Francs $138

R1829-LIttle Birdy-$119

R1829 LIttle Birdy $119

R1828.-Chrysoprase Rign-$158jpg

R1828 Chrysoprase Ring $158

R1752 Medium Spinner-$148

R1752 Medium Spinner $148

R1722-Spinner Ring-$118

R1722 Spinner Ring $118

R1697-Pineapple Coin Ring-$128

R1697 Pineapple Coin Ring $128

R1696-Wrap Around Ring w Square Setting-$148

R1696 Wrap Around Ring with Square Setting $148

R1692-Uganda Coin Ring-$88

R1692 Uganda Coin Ring $88

R1690-Bowl on the Bridge-$128

R1690 Bowl on the Bridge $128

R1689-Bridging the Gap-$108

R1689 Bridging the Gap $108

R1688-Cup on a Ledge-108

R1688 Cup on a Ledge $108

R1686-Dutch Coin Ring-$148

R1686 Dutch Coin Ring $148

R1653-Standing on the Shoulders-$158

R1653 Standing on the Shoulders $158

R1652-Bronze Spinner Ring-$138

R1652 Bronze Spinner Ring $138

R1561-Divots Divine-$98

R1561 Divots Divine $98

R1559-Assymetry Okay-$118

R1559 Assymetry Okay $118

R1558-Twenty Pence-$108

R1558 Twenty Pence $108

R1527-Tricky Triangles-$128

R1527 Tricky Triangles $128

R1525-Ball & Square_$128

R1525 Ball & Square $128

R1522-Five Little Bead-$128

R1522 Five Little Beads $128

R1443-Granular Square Ring-$168

R1443 Granular Square Ring $168

R1377-Three Little Cups-$128

R1377 Three Little Cups $128

R1335-Round Orange Coral-$158

R1335 Round Orange Coral $158

R1240-Stacked Rings 8.5-$72

R1240 Stacked Rings $72

R1199-Wide Copper Spinner-$108

R1199 Wide Copper Spinner $108

R1174-Medium Single Spinner-$144

R1174 Medium Single Spinner $144

R1111-Med Spinner #3 11-12-$138

R1111 Med Spinner #3 $138

R1049-Oh Jasper-$138

R1049 Oh Jasper $138

R1007-Narrow Spinner with Two-$132

R1007 Narrow Spinner $132

P1427-Large Fold Formed Leaf-$88

P1427 Large Fold Formed Leaf $88