The pieces below are already being worn by other owners, but if you see something you like we will be happy to work with you to design a custom piece that is similar in material or design. Just click on the Custom Designs button on the right side of this page and let us know what you are interested in.
PIeces to Inspire
N830-A Gift of My Heart-$148

A Gift of My Heart

N831-A Leaf in th Window-$148

A Leaf in the Window

E922-A Little Lime Please-$84

A Little Lime Please

E937-A Little Loopy-$52

A Little Loopy

E1760-A Little Peridot Please-$82

A Little Peridot Please

B1753-A Little of This & That -$218-

A Little of This & That

B1452-A Little of Everything-$168

A Littlf of Everything

E1372-A Piece of the Pie-$52

A Piece of the Pie

N218-A Summer Field-$178

A Summer Field

E1363-A Touch of Green-$62

A Touch of Green

E514-Abacus Revisited-$72

Abacus Revisited

E936-Absolutely Riveting-$52

Absolutely Riveting

E1904-Across the Divide-$38

Across the Divide

E2144-Age of Aquarius-$52

Age of Aquarius

E710-Aged Nicely-$48

Aged Nicely

E1236-All About Boys-$62

All About Boys

E2062-All About the Turq-$72

All About the Turq

E1306-All Around-$52

All Around

E762-All Around Copper-$52

All Around Copper

E1091-All Clammed Up-$48

All Clammed Up

B876-All Linked Up-$168

All Linked Up

N1592-All My Dreams-$218

All My Dreams

E1553-All That Dangles-$72

All That Dangles

E647-All That's Holey large-$52

All That's Holey

N639-All That's Holey-$88

All That's Holey

E1545-All Those Layers-$82

All Those Layers

E738-All Washed Up-$48

All Washed Up

E1314-All in the Frame-$72

All in the Frame

E1655-Along the Edge-$62

Along the Edge

B1157-Alphabet Soup-$128

Alphabet Soup

B758-Amber Audacity-$88

Amber Audacity

B1182-Amber Elegance-$128

Amber Elegance



E1045-Ampersand Plus-$48

Ampersand Plus

E440-Amythyst & Sterling-$52

Amythyst & Sterling

N578-Ancient Memories-$68

Ancient Memories

E1229-Ancient Trees-$72

Ancient Trees



E1132-Aqua Velvet-$62

Aqua Velvet

E1050-Arizona Sunsets-$72

Arizona Sunsets

E1186-Around the Dots-$62

Around the Dots

E1315-Around the World-$62

Around the World

E1595-ARt for the Wearing-$82

Art for the Wearing

E2019-Art on a Wire-$72

Art on a Wire

E1813-Asian Elegance-$62

Asian Elegance

E2051-Asian Flair-$82

Asian Flair

E1290-Asian Influence-$88

Asian Influence

N854-Asian Influence-$148

Asian Influence

E2134-Asian Influence w Pearls-$82

Asian Influence

E1203-Asian Inspired-$62

Asian Inspired

E1533-Asymmetry Inspired-$72

Asymmetry Inspired

N1039-At Peace-$88

At Peace

N1613-Atlantis Treasure-$165

Atlantis Treasure

E1640-Atlas Inspired-$72

Atlas Inspired

N1164-Aunt Anne's Bottle-$148

Aunt Anne's Bottle

E1645-Autumn Display-$62

Autumn Display

N1407-Autumn Equinox-$188

Autumn Equinox

P1328-Autumn Leaf-$88

Autumn Leaf

E1794-Autumn Leaves-$62

Autumn Leaves

B714-Aztec Influence-$88

Aztec Influence

E1846-Baby Birdhouses-$92

Baby Birdhouses

E310-Baby Birdhouses-$92

Baby Birdhouses

E1818-Baby Boxes-$72

Baby Boxes

E950-Baby Bullets2-$52

Baby Bullets

E379-Baby Greens-$48

Baby Greens

N784-Backwards Glance-$88

Backwards Glance

E1960-Balancing Act Series-$82

Balance Act Series

E1426-Balancing Act Series-$88

Balancing Act

E1421-Balancing Act Series-$88

Balancing Act Series

E1838-Balancing Act Series-$82

Balancing Act Series

B1191-Bangle Trio-$72

Bangle Trio

B1458-Bangle with Spinner Rings-$158

Bangle with Spinner Rings

B1992-Bangle with Spinners-$88

Bangle with Spinners

B835-Bangled Beauty-$98

Bangled Beauty

E336-Barber Poles-$52

Barber Poles

B1398-Bark Patterned Tabbed Bangle-$78

Bark Patterned Tab

E1154-Basic and Beautifuul-$48

Basic & Beautiful

B807-Be Steel_$62

Be Steel

E502-Be Still My Sterling Heart-$52

Be Still My Sterling Heart

E596-Beaded Hoops-$52

Beaded Hoops

N805-Beads Under Glass-$88

Beads Under Glass

E961-Behind Bars-$62

Behind Bars

E962-Behind Bars Copper-$52

Behind Bars in Copper

E1303-Behind the Looking Glass-$62

Behind the Looking Glass

E1150-Bell Towers-$62

Bell Towers

E1149-Bevy of Bells-$72

Bevy of Bells

E1153-Beyond the Obvious-$72

Beyond the Obvious

N1366-Big Bloom-$98

Big Bloom

N834-Big Riveted Beauty-$98

Big Riveted Beauty

N620-Big on Circles-$118

Big on Circles

E1169-Birds of a Feather-$62

Birds of a Feather

E838-Bits of Silver-$98

Bits of Silver

E1139-Bits of the Irish-$52

Bits of the Irish

E839-Bitty Prayer Tubes-$118

Bitty Prayer Tubes

E861-Black Cube Dancers-$62

Black Cube Dancers

N565-Blooming Necklace-$148

Blooming Necklace

E485-Green and Blue Enameled Posies-$72

Blue & Green Enameled Posies

E1468-Blue Beauties-$62

Blue Beauties

E1826-Blue Druzy-$82

Blue Druzy

B1069-Blue Hues-$98

Blue Hues

E1070-Blue Jean Companions-$48

Blue Jean Companions

B1395-Blue Jean Mandate-$108

Blue Jean Madness



N793-Book of Ages-$278

Book of Ages

E1620-Bowl & Stripe-$62

Bowl & Stripe

E1770-Brass & SterlingDangles-$52

Brass & Sterling Dangles

N779-Brass Spirit Box-$198

Brass Spirit Box

R1575-Broad Band in Bronze-$98

Broad Band in Bronze

E1596-Bronze Beauties-$72

Bronze Beauties

B833-Bronze Beauty-$78

Bronze Beauty

E995-Bronze Bubbles-$62

Bronze Bubbles

E1119-Bronze Ovals-$52

Bronze Ovals

E1563-Bronze Square Pillows-$72

Bronze Square Pillows

E1343-Bronze Swings-$62

Bronze Swings

E1151-Buddha Bells Revisited-$62

Buddha Bells Revisited

N723-Bullet Basket-$128

Bullet Basket

N954-Bullet Basket-$148

Bullet Basket

E636-Bullet Bells-$52

Bullet Bells

E948-Bullet Dangle-$72

Bullet Dangle

E891-Bullets with Beads-$62

Bullets with Beads

B602-Bumps on a Log-$188

Bumps on a Log

E603-Bumps on a Log-$58

Bumps on a Log

N601-Bumps on a Log-$148

Bumps on a Log

B629-Burnished Steel #1-$82

Burnished Steel #1

B630-Burnished Steel #2-$82

Burnished Steel #2

B633-Burnished Steel #3-$82

Burnished Steel #3

B634-Burnished Steel #4-$82

Burnished Steel #4

N1493-Burnished Steel Cocoon-$168

Burnished Steel Cocoon

B678-Burnished Steel w Mother of Pearl-$84

Burnished Steel with Mother of Pearl

E1250-Bursting Forth-$62

Bursting Forth



B2040-Byzantine Bracelet-$218

Byzantine Bracelet

N528-Caged Smokey Quartz-$128

Caged Smokey Quartz

N2069-Caged Stone Pendant-$138

Caged Stone Pendant

E1541-Caged Turquoise-$82

Caged Turquoise

E1586-Caged Turq-$82

Caged Turquoise

E796-Caged Turquoise-$48

Caged Turquoise

E785-Calming Green-$52

Calming Green

E1623-Captured Messages-$102

Capturd Messages

N2061-Captured Earth-$218

Captured Earth

N1076-Captured Leaves-$168

Captured Leaves

N853-Captured Mother of Pearl-$98

Captured Mother of Pearl

E1564-Captured Pearls-$108

Captured Pearls

E550-Captured Freshwater Pearls-$92

Captured Pearls

E884-Captured Pearls-$72

Captured Pearls

R1338-Captured Stone-$158

Captured Stone

E732-Captured Turquoise-$62

Captured Turquoise

N542-Captured Turq-$192

Captured Turquoise

E1662-Captured in Copper-$62

Captured in Copper

E1834-Captured in Frames-$82jpg

Captured in Frames

E1968-Captured on Copper-$62

Captured on Copper

N1673-Caught in the Swirl-$148

Caught in the Swirls

E1955-Center of the Universe-$52

Center of the Universe

B126-Charmed I'm Sure

Charmed I'm Sure

E1911-Circle Knots-$72

Circle Knots

E1816-Circles Squared-$72

Circles Squared

E1492-Circles, Triangles & Spirals, Oh My-$62

Circles, Triangles & Spirals, Oh My

E1125-Circus Possibilities-$62

Circus Possibilities

E1494-Citrine in a Cage-$82

Citrine in a Cage

B1135-Clad in Copper-$48

Clad in Copper

E2111-Classic Favorites-$62

Classic Favorites

E1946-Classically Purple-$82

Classically Purple

E1577-Classy Basics-$72

Classy Basics

E290-Clever Copper-$62

Clever Copper

E1901-Copper Planets-$48

Clpper Planets

E939-Cluster of Copper Bells-$52

Cluster of Copper Bells

N1393-Coiled Copper-$148

Coiled Copper

E1146-Coiled Copper with Colors-$62

Coiled Copper with Colors

E1809-Coin Pearls Encased-$82

Coin Pearls Encased

E1941-Coin in the Middle-$52

Coin in the Middle

R906-Coin on Copper-$98

Coin on Copper

B1925-Coin with Copper Links-$52

Coin with Copper Links

E1073-Color My World-$52

Color My World

E1127-Color Wheels-$62

Color Wheels

E1896-Colorful Cones-$62

Colorful Cones

E1100-Confetti Twists-$63

Confetti Twists

N438-Contemporary Cross-$108

Contemporary Cross

N1675-Convo Starter-$148

Convo Starter

B1892-Coppoer and Brass Bangle Trio - SAMPLE

Copper & Brass

B1405-Copper Bangle with Round Focal-$72

Copper Bangle with Round Focal

N078-Copper Basket-$148

Copper Basket

B2039-Copper Coils-$72

Copper Coils

N1480-Copper Column-$118

Copper Column

E2030-Copper Croissants-$48

Copper Croissants

B1449-Copper Cuff with Sterling Granulation-$98

Copper Cuff with Sterling Granulation

E2105-Copper Curves-$42

Copper Curves

E1658-Copper Elegance

Copper Elegance

E737-Copper Galaxy-$48

Copper Galaxy

E667-Copper Healing and Hope-$52

Copper Healing and Hope

B2088-Coopper Links meet Sterling-$128

Copper LInks meet Sterling

E2106-Copper Leaves-$48

Copper Leaves

E935-Copper Lightening-$48

Copper Lightening

N505-Copper Loop-di-loop-$98

Copper Loop-di-Loop

E506-Copper Loop-di-Loop-$48

Copper Loop-di-loop

N792-Copper Loops on Steroids-$108

Copper Loops on Steroids

E2073-Copper Loops with Chalcedony-$62

Copper Loops with Chalcedony

E1716-Copper Loops with Dangles-$62

Copper Loops with Dangles

N804-Copper Medallion-$88

Copper Medallion

N666-Copper Meets Steel-$88

Copper Meets Steel

E991-Copper Minis-$52

Copper Minis

E849-Copper Mirror Image-$48

Copper Mirror Image

E910-Copper Posies-$62

Copper Posies

E972-Copper Prayer Boxes-$62

Copper Prayer Boxes

E1051-Coopper Ribbons-$48

Copper Ribbons

E1181-Copper Scrolls-$62

Copper Scrolls

E2202-Copper Scrolls-$48

Copper Scrolls

E1734-Copper Chield Shapes-$62

Copper Shield Shapes

E1632-Copper Spirals-$48

Copper Spirals

B661-Copper Straps and Loops-$68

Copper Straps and Loops

B1685-Copper Wire Cuff-$148

Copper Wire Cuff

E490-Copper Wrapped Glass-$52

Copper Wrapped Glass

B1148-Copper and Coiled-$68

Copper and Coiled

E1171-Copper of Course-$52

Copper of Course

E1209-Copper on Copper-$52

Copper on Copper

E1942-Copper with Cups-$62

Copper with Cups

E967-Could Be a MaceQ-84

Could Be a MaceQ

E1445-Crater Lake-$82

Crater Lake

N1654-Crescent Roll Copper-$148

Crescent Roll Copper Necklace

E1850-Crescent Spinners-$62

Crescent Spinners



E825-Crossed Eyes-$52

Crossed Eyes

E1850-Crescent Spinners-$62

Crscent Spinners

B1477-Cuff on Steroids-$78

Cuff on Steroids

E621-Cups on Copper-$52

Cups on Copper

E674-Curled Romance-$48

Curled Romance

E851-Curly Coils-$48

Curly Coils

E719-Curly Copper-$52

Curly Copper

E669-Curved Garden-$52

Curved Garden

E659-Curved Trilogy-$52

Curved Trilogy

E1319-Curved & Copper-$72

Curved and Copper

E1324-Cut Ups-$82

Cut Ups

E2005-Cut it Out-$72

Cut it Out

N1973-Cutting It Up-$168

Cutting It Up

N1349-Cutting Up-$249

Cutting Up

B1409-Cutting Up Bracelet-$128

Cutting Up Bracelet

N1408-Cutting Up $248

Cutting Up Necklace

E895-Dainty Dangles-$48

Dainty Dangles

E1172-Dainty but Determined-$62

Dainty but Determined

B822-Design Sampler-$278

Design Sampler

N1754-Dinner with Granny-$188

Dinner with Granny

E743-Dome on Dome-$48

Dome on Dome

B725-Domed Copper Links-$108

Domed Copper Links

E2209-Domes on Loops-$48

Domes on Loops

E2154-Don't Leaf Me-$72

Don't Leaf Me

E1513-Doodles & Dangles-$72

Doodles & Dangles

E771-Double Decker-$52

Double Decker

E1415-Double Elliptical-$52

Double Elliptical

E1145-Double Swirls Large-$52

Double Swirls Large

E1156-Double Swirls Medium-$52

Double Swirls Medium

B1495-Drawn Bead Bracelet-$72

Drawn Bead Bracelet

N1496-Drawn Bead Necklace-$138

Drawn Bead Necklace

N1043-Dreaming of Mexico-$148

Dreaming of Mexico

E2152-Drippy Day-$52

Drippy Day

R1556-Druzy Captured-$188

Druzy Captured

E2007-Druzy Droplets-$82

Druzy Droplets

E1853-Druzy Drops-$82

Druzy Drops

E475-Earthy Teals-$48

Earthy Teals

E1425-Easy Elegance-$52

Easy Elegance

E1803-Easy Elegance-$62

Easy Elegance

E1425-Easy Elegance-$52

Easy Elegance

N878-Ebony & Ivory-$198

Ebony & Ivory

E1830-Eclipse Happening-$72

Eclipse Happening

E612-Eco Elegant-$52

Eco Elegant

B1532-Egyptian Cuff with Verdigris-$118

Edyptian Cuff with Verdigris

N1774-Egyptian Collar-$108

Egyptian Collar

E1520-Egyptian Spirals-$62

Egyptian Spirals

E859-Elegant Brillance_$52

Elegant Brillance

E474-Elegant Fun-$48

Elegant Fun

E1502-Embossed and Tabbed-$82

Embossed & Tabbed

R1574-Embossed Sterling Wide Band-$128

Embossed Sterling Wide Band

E691-Emerald Crystal Dangels-$52

Emerald Crystal Dangles

E862-Emerald Tears-$52

Emerald Tears

E945-Enameled Cones-$92

Enameled Cones

E445-Enameled Golden Glory-$42

Enameled Golden Glory

E1436-Encased Emerald-$62

Encased Emerald

N1964-Enjoy the Jasper-$168

Enjoy the Jasper

E1908-Etched & Riveted-$52

Etched & Riveted

E1817-Etched and Swingy-$72

Etched & Swingy

E913-Etched Copper & Abalone-$52

Etched Copper & Abalone

E1265-Etched Copper Totem-$82

Etched Copper Totem

B1648-Etched Copper w Brass Focal-$108

Etched Copper with Brass Focal

E1749-Etched Ovals-$72

Etched Ovals

E819-Etched Shields-$62

Etched Shields

E755-Etched Simplicity-$52

Etched Simplicity

E943-Etched Spirals on Copper-$48

Etched Spirals on Copper

N1825-Etched Spirit Box-$148

Etched Spirit box

E1852-Etched Thoughts-$62

Etched Thoughts

N558-Eternity Bulb-$58

Eternity Bulb

B1392-Everyday Classic-$92

Everyday Classic

E358-Everyday Favorites-$52

Everyday Favorites

N1389-Evidence of Fall-$118

Evidence of Fall

P1365-Fall Foliage-$72

Fall Foliage

E781-Family Crest-$52

Family Crest

N782-Family Crest Necklace-$98

Family Crest

E366-Fanciful Flowers-$84

Fanciful Flowers

N1354-Featured Favorites-$188

Featured Favorites

E1075-Feeling Blue-$52

Feeling Blue

N1381-Feeling Bold-$172

Feeling Bold

E1848-Feeling Funky-$72

Feeling Funky

N1141-Fiber Frenzy-$118

Fiber Frenzy

E1504-Fiery Cocoons--$78

Fiery Cocoons

E1023-Fiery Drops-$62

Fiery Drops

E1063-Fiery Funnels-62

Fiery Funnels

B1056-Fiery Sunsets-$72

Fiery Sunsets

B1028-Fiesta in the Making-$108

Fiesta in the Making

B1482-Fine Silver #2-$148

Fine Silver #2

E655-Fine Silver Favorites-$48

Fine Silver Favorites



E587-Fishy Series #1-$48

Fishy Series #1

E591-Fish Series #2-$48

Fishy Series #2

R1573-Flat on Top-$108

Flat on Top Ring

E2006-Fleur de Lis-$62

Fleur de Lis


Floating Islands

B1411-Floral Bangle 7.5-$148

Floral Bangle

E914-Flower de Lis-$52

Flower de Lis

B1583-Fold Formed Bronze Cuff-$98

Fold Formed Bronze Cuff

E1461-Fold Formed Copper Flowers-$52

Fold Formed Copper Flowers

E2133-Fold Formed Diamonds-$72

Fold Formed Diamonds

P1582-Fold Formed Leaf-$88

Fold Formed Leaf

E1221-Fold Formed Leaves-$72

Fold Formed Leaves

E1460-Fold Formed Leaves-$82

Fold Formed Leaves

B1454-Fold Formed Narrow Cuff-$82

Fold Formed Narrow Cuff

E1293-Fold Formed Rectangles-$52

Fold Formed Rectangles

B1895-Fold Formed Tabbed Cuff-$98

Fold Formed Tabbed Cuff

R1004-Folded & Flowered-$88

Folded & Flowered

E1364-Folded Blossoms-$82

Folded Blossoms

E1459-Folded Flowers-$82

Folded Flowers

E321-Folded Prayers-$72

Folded Prayers

E892-For my Valentine-$52

For My Valentine

N1285-For the Birds-$228

For the Birds

E1371-For the Day-$62

For the Day

B1811-Forged Sterling Cuff-$148

Forged Sterling Cuff

E916-Form Folded Bronze-$52

Form Folded Bronze

E1284-Fortune Cookies-$62

Fortune Cookies

E1098-Four Golden Cups-$62

Four Golden Cups

E1308-Four LIttle Bowls-$72

Four Little Bowls



E1661-Framed and Matted-$52

Framed & Matted

E2136-Freeform Reticulation-$82

Freeform Reticulation

E538-Freshwater Pearls-$118

Freshwater Pearl

B662-Freshwater Pearl Charm-$88

Freshwater Pearl Charm

N536-Freshewater Pearl-$128

Freshwater Pearls

E1035-Friday Favorites #1-$52

Friday Favorites #1

E1036-Friday Favorites #2-$52

Friday Favorites #2

E1360-Friday Special-$72

Friday Specials

E1608-From Pillar to Pos-$62

From PIllar to Post

E1536-From Sea to Sky-$72

From Sea to Sky

E1108-From the Fire-$48

From the Fire

B1476-From the Sea-$128

From the Sea

E1283-From the Sea-$72

From the Sea

E996-From the Trees-$48

From the Trees

E168-Full Moon-$52

Full Moon

E817-Full Moon Glimpse-$48

Full Moon Glimpse

E2107-Full Moon Rising-$72

Full Moon Rising

E1103-Full of Holes-$52

Full of Holes

N1061-Fun Funnel-$188

Fun Funnel

E1099-Fun Funnels-$72

Fun Funnels

N1077-Funky Flower-$128

Funky Flower

N1763-Funky Fork-$148

Funky Fork

N1223-Funky fork-$128

Funky Fork

E2078-Funky People-$82

Funky People

E909-Funnels with Flowers-$72

Funnels with Flowers

E1218-Fused Duo-$52

Fused Duo

E1912-Fused Geometrics-$72

Fused Geometrics

E1918-Fused Links-$72

Fused Links

E1684-Fused Rectangles-$82

Fused Rectangles

E1884-Fused, Fractured and Fun-$72

Fused, Fractured and Fun

B814-Galaxy Inspired-$168

Galaxy Inspired

E671-Garden Gate Inspired-$48

Garden Gate Inspired

B1598-Garden Gate Meets Jasper-$118

Garden Gate Meets Jasper

E1952-Garnet Garnished-$82

Garnet Garnished

E2090-GArnet Suspended-$72

Garnet Suspended



E1462-Geometry 1-$62

Geometry 1

E1554-Geometry Class Review-$82

Geometry Class Review

N1196-Geometry Lesson-$128

Geometry Lesson

E1514-Geometry Quiz-$82

Geometry Quiz

E1625-Geometry In Motion-$72

Geometry in Motion

E2025-Geometry on Steroids-$82

Geometry on Steroids

E1038-Getting th Skinny-$48

Getting the Skinny

E1170-Girl in a Storm-$72

Girl in a Storm

E1214-Glass Flowers-$52

Glass Flowers

E1488-Glimpse of Jade-$68

Glimpse of Jade

E1072-Glimpses of Autumn-$62

Glimpses of Autumn

E1024-Golden Bells-$62

Golden Bells

E613-Golden Girl Pearls-$58

Golden Girl Pearls

R1201-Golden Globe-$98

Golden Globe

E569-Golden Pearls-$52

Golden Pearls

E1629-Golf Inspired-$72

Golf Inspired

E609-Got Pearls?-$48

Got Pearls?

E1456-Graceful Curves-$72

Graceful Curves

E670-Graceful Florals-$48

Graceful Florals

E1239-Graduated Buttons-$72

Graduated Buttons

N2067-Grandma's Knife-$168

Grandma's Knife

E1318-Granny's Spoon-$48

Granny's Spoon

B1472-Granulated Bangle-$98

Granulated Bangle

B1478-Grapevine Twist-$78

Grapevine Twist

E1750-Green Glass Goes Funky-$62

Green Glass Goes Funky

E1516-Green Lanterns-$62

Green Lanterns

B799-Green Leaf LInks with Pearls-$78

Green Leaf Links with Pearls

E548-Green Suede Flowers-$72

Green Suede Flowers

N1705-Green Teardrop-$188

Green Teardrop

E811-Gypsy Influence-$48

Gypsy Influence

E1105-Half Moon Rising-$52

Half Moon Rising

E1312-Half a Lentil-$52

Half a Lentil

E1698-Hammered Bronze Discs-$72

Hammered Bronze

B846-Hammered Fine Silver Ovals-$88

Hammered Fine Silver

B1134-Hammered Hues-$88

Hammered Hues

E815-Hanging Around-$84

Hanging Around

E381-Hanging Prayers-$72

Hanging Prayers

E1197-Hanging Trios-$62

Hanging Trios

E2075-Happy Days-$52

Happy Days

E652-Healing and Laughter-$52

Healing & Laughter

N703-Heart on a Wire-$98

Heart on a Wire

E715-Hearts of Steel-$48

Hearts of Steel

E1414-Helpfully Hinged-$72

Helpfully Hinged

E1815-Here's Looking at You-$62

Here's Looking at You

E1287-Hidden Angles-$72

Hidden Angels

E1636-Hidden Layers-$52

Hidden Layers

N1159-Hidden Spoon-$128

Hidden Spoon

N2034-Highlighted Map-$178

Highlighted Map

E1508-Hinged and Happy-$72

Hinged & Happy

E1565-Hinged & Happy-$62

Hinged & Happy

E1945-Hinged Ovals-$62

Hinged Ovals

E1015-Hinged Prayer Vials-$82

Hinged Prayer Vials

E677-Hinged Steel Construction-$48

Hinged Steel Construction

E1305-HInged and Hanging-$72

Hinged and Hanging

E1175-Holey Moley-$62

Holey Moley

E1140-Holiday Hoops-$62

Holiday Hoops

E1879-Homage to Leaves-$92

Homage to Leaves

E1717-Home Run-62

Home Run

E2140-Honeycomb Over-$52

Honeycomb Over

E992-Hooded Pearls-$48

Hooded Pearls

E675-Hope & Healing Tag-$58

Hope & Healing

N1572-Hope, Healing, Love & Joy-$178

Hope, Healing, Love & Joy

E1899-Horseshoe Hoops-$72

Horseshoe Hoops

N1384-I Like Drama-$188

I Like Drama

E963-I'm Saying Something-$118

I'm Saying Something

B579-I've Got Moves-$138

I've Got Moves

E1507-I've Got the Blues-$72

I've Got the Blues

E1359-In Tripliciate-$72

In Triplicate

E1359-In Tripliciate-$72

In Triplicate

E1095-In the Circus-$52

In the Circus

E1643-Inside Peek-$52

Inside Peek

E1276-Into the Woods-$72

Into the Woods

E776-Into the Woods-$68

Into the Woods

E893-Into the Woods-$52

Into the Woods

N1775-Into the Woods Pendang-$218

Into the Woods

R338-Inverted domes-$42

Inverted Domes

E1833-Inverted Lentils-$72

Inverted Lentils

N1388-It's My Favorite-$168

It's My Favorite

E987-It's a Party $52

It's a Party

E1118-Itty Bitty Bells-$62

Itty Bitty Bells

E2182-Itty Bitty Flowers-$52

Itty Bitty Flowers

E823-Itty Bitty Shields-$72

Itty Bitty Shields

B2013-Itty Bitty Silver Gallery-$168

Itty Bitty Silver Gallery

N1178-Jacob's Letter-$168

Jacob's Letter

R1339-Jade Embraced-$158

Jade Embraced

E1951-Jade Jingles-$52

Jade Jingles



E986-Jaded Bullets-$

Jaded Bullets

E1808-Jasper Dangling-$82

Jasper Dangling



N615-Jewel of the Nile-$225

Jewel of the Nile

N1971-Jump for Joy #1-$118

Jump for Joy #1

E1989-Jump for Joy #2-$72

Jump for Joy #2

E1990-Jump for Joy #3-$72

Jump for Joy earrings

N1088-Jupiter's Moon-$98

Jupiter's Moon

E1546-Just Dotty-$62

Just Dotty

E1823-Just Dotty-$82

Just Dotty

R1200-Just Dotty-$98

Just Dotty

E1357-Just Jasper-$82

Just Jasper

E608-Just Lovely-$48

Just Lovely

E1325-Just Swinging-$82

Just Swinging

E994-Just Swinging-$62

Just Swinging

E1733-Just Swinging-$72

Just Swinging

E1733-Just Swinging-$72

Just Swinging

E1096-Just for Fun-$52

Just for Fun

E1010-Keep it Simple_448

Keep it Simple

E873-Keum Boo-$84

Keum Boo

N1764-Knie Repurposed-$188

Knife Repurposed

E449-Knot for Me-$72

Knot for Me

E886-Knotted & Coiled-$72

Knotted & Coiled

B1438-Knotted Up-$132

Knotted Up

E1713-Lace Caps-$62

Lace Caps

E1320-Ladder from the Earth-$72

Ladder from the Earth

N1810-Lampwork Beauty-$218

Lampwork Beautry

B1510-Lanky Links-$128

Lanky Links

B1474-Large and Loopy-$138

Large & Loopy

B958-Layered Cuff-$118

Layered Cuff

R907-Layered Enamel Posie-$108

Layered Enamel Posie

B926-Layers Upon Layers-$92

Layers Upon Layers

E2146-Leaf it To Me-$72

Leaf ItTo Me

E1399-Leaf Linked-$52

Leaf Linked

E2047-Leafy Layers-$72

Leafy Layers

E1933-Lean & Green-$82

Lean and Green

E2168-Let Them Ring-$82-

Let Them Ring

E1437-Let's Dance-$72

Let's Dance

E1117-Letters Lifted Up-$52

Letters Lifted Up

N1824-LIfe is Art-$188

Life is Art

E1712-LIfe of the Party-$62

Life of the Party

E1030-Like a Fountain-$82

Like a Fountain

E64Like a Peacock-$52

Like a Peacock

B949-Lily Pad 2-$148

Lily Pad

B867-Lily Pads-$128

Lily Pads

E507-Lily of the Valley Inspired-$72

Lily of the Valley Inspired

E625-Lime Green Lines-$52

Lime Green Lines

E1735-Limes in Cages-$62

Limes in Cages

N1521-LInes & Curves-$128

Lines & Curves

B761-Link to Link-$62

Link to Link

B1332-Linked & Looped-$128

Linked & Looped

B1350-Linked & Looped #2-$128

Linked & Looped #2

E1727-Linked up-$52

Linked Up

B1741-LInked Up Cuff-$98

Linked Up Cuff

B880-LInks and Loops-$128

Links and Loops

E1257-Little and Loveley-$72

Little & Lovely

E1323-Little Bits-$62

Little Bits

E2015-LIttl Bits of Luxury-$72

Little Bits of Luxury

R1560-LIttle Circles of Posies-$98

Little Circles of Posies

E1302-Little Copper Ladders-$62

Little Copper Ladders

E628-Little Coral Garden-$48

Little Coral Garden

E1301-Little Ladders-$72

Little Ladders

E1721-Little Ladders-$82

Little Ladders

E1548-Little Lanterns-$72

Little Lanterns

E759-Little Leaves-$52

Little Leaves

E1718-LIttle Orange Centers-$72

Little Orange Centers

E2024-LIttle Red Cube-$72

Little Red Cube

E1216-Little Swingers-$48

Little Swingers

E1993-Little Swingers-$72

Little Swingers

N632-Little White Garden-$162

Little White Garden

N192 Lone Ranger's Prize-$132

Lone Ranger's Prize

E760-Long & Lovely-$48

Long & Lovely

N1402-Long & Lovely-$118

Long & Lovely

N384-Long Holey-$168

Long Holey

N1378-Long Lean Links-$188

Long Lean Links

E626-Long and Lanky-$52

Long and Lanky

E826-Long and Thin-$48

Long and Thin

E1897-Long, Lean & Green-$52

Long, Lean & Green

E618-Loop di Loop-$48

Loop di Loop

N810-Loop di Loop-$98

Loop di Loop

E2199-Loop in Loop-$82

Loop in Loop

N598-Loop to Link-$168

Loop to Link



B778-Loops Everywhere-$88

Loops Everywhere

N750-Loopy Lariat-$132

Loopy Lariat

E1585-Love Those Layers-$72

Love Those Layers

E539-Lovely Lapiz-$54

Lovely Lapiz

E1550-Lovely Letters-$82

Lovely Letters

B1893-Lucious Layers-$248

Lucious Layers

E989-Luck of the Irish_$52

Luck of the Irish

E1112-Lumpy Copper-$48

Lumpy Copper

E1304-Lunar Landings-$72

Lunar Landing

E701-Luscious Lemon-$52

Luscious Lemon

E923-Make Mine Curly-$72

Make Mine Curly

N1571-Make Mine Lengthy-$208

Make Mine Lengthy

E1097-Makes Me Happy-$52

Makes Me Happy

R1660-Making the Bar-$99

Making the Bar

R931-Man's Wide Spinner-$148

Man's Wide Spinner

E556-Mandarin Garnet Briolet-$72

Mandarin Garnet Briolet

N1080-Many Moons-$128

Many Moons

E848-Marbelized Beauties-$52

Marbelized Beauties

E1665-Math Class-$52

Math Class

B777-Mechanically Inclined-$88

Mechanically Inclined

R897-Medium Spinner #1-$118

Medium Spinner #1

R1109-Med Spinner #1 11-12-$148

Medium Spinner #1 size 11-12

R934-Medium Spinner #4-$238

Medium Spinner #4

R1110-Med Spinner #2 11-12-$148

Medium Spinner Ring

N1060-Merlin's Wand-$218

Merlin's Wand

B955-Mermaid Memories-$138

Mermaid Memories

N1839-Mermaids Matter-$168

Mermaids Matter

E2179-Metal Roses-$72

Metal Roses

E1244-Mica Meets Metal-$72

Mica Meets Metal

E717-Mighty Tiny-$48

Mighty Tiny

E1195-Mini Mobiles-$72

Mini Mobiles

E1401-Mini Mobiles-$88

Mini Mobiles

E1002-Mini Quads-$62

Mini Quads

E1986-Mirror Images-$72

Mirror Images

B1709-Mixed Metal Bangle w Spinner Ring-$128

Mixed Metal Bangle with Spinner

E1160-Mixed Metal Mania-$48

Mixed Metal Mania

E2036-Mixed Metal Mania-$62

Mixed Metal Mania

E1317-Mobiles Are Us-$82

Mobiles Are Us

E1211-Molten Silver-$62

Molten Silver

B619-Monday Specials-$88

Monday Specials

E1876-Monday's Favorites-$52

Monday's Favorites

E1446-Monet Inspired-$52

Monet Inspired

N1000-Montreat Inspired-$128

Montreat Inspired

E1256-Moon Craters-$72

Moon Craters

E990-Moon Glimpses-$48

Moon Glimpses

E1311-Moon Map-$72

Moon Map



E820-My Cup is Full-$52

My Cup is Full

E800-My Favorite Ovals-$52

My Favorite Ovals

E216-My New Favorites-$89

My New Favorites

E494-My Textured Heart-$48

My Textured Heart

E1009-My Word-$52

My Word

R1557-Narrow Etched Bronze Band-$78

Narrow Etched Bronze Band

E1220-Negative Spaces-$52

Negative Spaces

B1067-Neptune's Delight-$98

Neptune's Delight

E1068-Neptune's Earrings-$52

Neptune's Earrings

N787-Nested Pearls-$128

Nested Pearls

E1348-Not Just Words-$72

Not Just Words

E658-Ocean Memories-$52

Ocean Memories

B790-Ocean's Away-$88

Ocean's Away

E791-Ocean's Away-$48

Ocean's Away

E993-Off to the Barber-$48

Off to the Barber

R1049-Oh Jasper-$138

Oh Jasper

R1013-Oh My-$72

Oh My

E503-Oh My Citrine-$48

Oh My Citrine

N501-Oh My Citrine-$168

Oh My Citrine

E641-Oh So Dainty-$48

Oh So Dainty

N1288-Oh So Fun-$228

Oh So Fun

E1469-Old Rome Inspired-$82

Old Rome Inspired

E858-Old World_$72

Old World

E959-Old World-$48

Old World

R1337-Old World-$98

Old World

E1489-Old World BEads-$62

Old World Beads

E1567-Old World Bronze-$72

Old World Bronze

E1979-Old World Glass-$48

Old World Glass

E1898-On My Ovals-$52

On My Ovals

N342-Orange Coral-$148

Orange Coral



E2184-Outside the Lines-$82

Outside the Lines

E1233-Oval Duo-$62

Oval Duo

E1246-Oz Inspired-$62

Oz Inspired

N728-Pagoda Suspended-$88

Pagoda Suspended

B1264-Paneled Cuff-$98

Paneled Cuff

E622-Paper Makes Perfect-$48

Paper Makes Perfect

B1433-Parts & Pieces-$122

Parts & PIeces

E1183-Parts  & Pieces-$82

Parts & Pieces

E1254-Parts of a Whole-$52

Parts of a Whole

E1732-Party ina Cage-$62

Party in a Cage

E1188-Party on a Wire-$62

Party on a Wire

E464-Party on a Wire-$48

Party on a Wire



E508-Pearl Girl-$48

Pearl Girl

E610-Pearl Girl-$48

Pearl Girl

N1373-Pearl on a Swing-$158

Pearl on a Swing

E1179-Pearled Cyclones_$62

Pearled Cyclones

E2195-Pearls & Spoons-$72

Pearls & Spoons

E713-Pearls and Pewter-$48

Pearls and Pewter

E774-Pebble Beach-$52

Pebble Beach

N1340-Peek Inside-$168

Peek Inside

N1549-Pendant Puzzle-$98

Pendant Puzzle



N1016-Pendulum Inspired-$148

Pendulum Inspired

E997-Pendulum in Motion-$62

Pendulum in Motion

E2055-Perhaps Its Paper-$82

Perhaps Its Paper

E1667-Peridot on Deck-$72

Peridto on Deck

E857-Petite Bells-$72

Petite Bells

E1277-Petitie & Lovely-$72

Petite and Lovely

E1720-Petite Dangles-$62

Petitie Dangles

R1687-Petrovsky Pronged-$168

Petrovsky Pronged

B721-Pewter and Pretty-$108

Pewter & Pretty

N720-Pewter and Pretty-$188

Pewter & Pretty

E2082-Pewter Pondering-$52

Pewter Pondering

E2001-Pharaoh's Favorites

Pharaoh's Favorites

E1800-Picasso Inspired-$82

Picasso Inspired

E1858-Picasso Planet-$72

Picasso Planet

E1237-Pieces & Parts-$62

Pieces & Parts

E1344-Pieces & Parts-$62

Pieces & Parts

P1329-Pillow Pin-$88

Pillow Pin

E1369-Pinball Inspired-$72

Pinball Inspired

P1326-Pinning for You-$88

Pinning for You

E1419-Planet's Align-$82

Planet's Align

E1587-Planets Aligned-$72

Planets Aligned

N808-Playing the Blues-$118

Playing the Blues

B1367-Pleated Cuff

Pleated Cuff

N504-Poetic Pearl-$92

Poetic Pearl

E821-Pop Outs-$52

Pop Outs

B1053-Positive Meets Negative-$168

Positive Meets Negative

E824-Possible Pagodas-$62

Possible Pagodas

E1497-Prayer Tubes-$72

Prayer Tubes

E482-Prayer Tubes-$52

Prayer Tubes

N896-Prayers for Peace-$228

Prayers for Peace

N921-Prayers for Peace #2-$228

Prayers for Peace

N924-Prayers for Peace #3-$228

Prayers for Peace #3

N982-Prayers for Peace4-$228

Prayers for Peace 4



E1379-Quartet of Cups-$72

Quartet of Cups

E1819-Quietly Elegant-$62

Quietly Elegant

R1333-Quintet of Beads-$158

Quintet of Beads Ring



E643-Race for the Cure #1-$52

Race for the Cure #1

E650-Race for the Cure #2-$72

Race for the Cure #2

E973-Rain Forest Inspired-$52

Rain Forest Inspired

E1204-Rainbow Sticks-$52

Rainbow Copper

E637-Rainbow Copper0$48

Rainbow Copper

E2084-Red Moon Rising-$72

Red Moon Rising

E478-Red Rover-$52

Red Rover

E549-Red Suede Flowers-$72

Red Suede Flowers





E580-Relic Dangles-$52

Relic Dangles

R1656-Renaissance Man-$158

Renaissance Man

E1669-Resin Paper Layers-$62

Resin Paper Layers

N1694-Resin Pendant-$128

Resin Pendant

B395-Reticulated #2-$148

Reticulated #2


Reticulated #3

E479-Reticulated Rectangles-$52

Reticulated Rectangles

E543-Reticulated Rectangles-$52

Reticulated Rectangles

E2123-Reticulated Wedge w Aquamarine-$82

Reticulated Wedge with Aquamarine

E1441-Right & Round-$52

Right & Round

E462-Ring Around the Posies

Ring Around the Posies

N1272-Ring Around the Rosie-$118

Ring Around the Rosie

N1113-Ring a Ling-$128

Ring a Ling

B1064-Ring of Fire-$128

Ring of Fire

E1353-Rising Moon-$82

Rising Moon

E806-Riveted and Rolled-$62

Riveted and Rolled



B1330-Rocky Ground-$328

Rocky Ground

B772-Rocky Road-$78

Rocky Road

E773-Rocky Road Earrings-$62

Rocky Road

N1281-Rocky top-$188

Rocky Top

E1168-Rodeo Favorites-$62

Rodeo Favorites

E2142-Roll Over Beethoven-$48

Roll Over Beethoven

N331-Rolled Prayer Tube-$142

Rolled Prayer Tube

E1881-Rolling Around-$72

Rolling Around

E1854-Rolling, Rolling, Rolling-$82

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

E915-Roman Inspired-$82

Roman Inspired

E1812-Rough Seas-$62-

Rough Seas

N1539-Round & Around-$208

Round & Around

E1512-Round and Riveted-$72

Round & Riveted

B1351-Round & Round-$148

Round & Round

E1922-Round & Round-$72

Round & Round

E1505-Round & Round& & Round-$92

Round & Round & Round

E1217-Round adn Round-$48

Round and Round

E1890-Round and Round

Round and Round

E1691-Row, Row, Row your Boat-$88

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

E1271-Rustic Rivets-$52

Rustic Rivets

E1249-Salt Spoons-$72

Salt Spoons



E795-Brassy and Sassy-$68

Sassy Brassy

E1180-Sassy Rivets-$62

Sassy Rivets

B1475-Sassy Silver-$188

Sassy Silver

E1517-Sassy Swingers-$82

Sassy Swingers

E1500-Satellites in Orbit-$72

Satellites in Orbit

E744-Saturn Rising-$82

Saturn Rising

B809-Season of Spirals-$72

Season of Spirals

B1537-Secure Six-$128

Secure Six

E1400-Serious Spirals-$52

Serious Spirals

N1215-Shades of Azure-$148

Shades of Azure

N1131-Shaeds of India-$118

Shades of India

E927-She's Jaded-$84

She's Jaded

E1162-Silver & Copper collision-$52

Silver & Copper Collision

N2101-Silver & Cream-$168

Silver & Cream

E220-Silver Cap Dangles-$72

Silver Cap Dangles

E1921-Silver Centipedes-$72

Silver Centipedes

E403-Silver Circle#3

Silver Circle #3

E1012-Silver Circles-$48

Silver Circles

E401-Silver Circle#1-$48

Silver Circles #1

E1963-Silver Crescents-$62

Silver Crescents

E1235-Silver Glimmerse-$52

Silver Glimmers

E716-Silver Hearts-$48

Silver Hearts

N1678-Silver Hugs a Stone-$168

Silver Hugs a Stone

E1390-Silver Meet Turq-$82

Silver Meets Turquoise

E999-Silver minis1-$52

Silver Minis

B976-Silver Panel-$148

Silver Panel

E668-Silver Posies-$72

Silver Posies

E1680-Silver Shoes-$82

Silver Shoes

N1966-Silver Sleeved Necklace-$245

Silver Sleeved Necklace

E952-Silver Spinners-$72

Silver Spinners

E456-Silver Swags

Silver Swags

E1949-Silver Swings-$82

Silver Swings

E1163-Silver Swirl Duo Small-$52

Silver Swirl Duo small

E1152-Silver Tears-$62

Silver Tears

E889-Silver Treasures-$82

Silver Treasures

E2081-Silver Windows-$72

Silver Windows



E1282-Simple Elegance-$72

Simple Elegance

E1361-Simple Elegance-$72

Simple Elegance

R980-Simple Variation-$72

Simple Variation

E1034-Simplicity Defined-$48

Simplicity Defined

E2143-Simply Charming-$52

Simply Charming

R1693-Cimply Copper-$88

Simply Copper

E583-Simply Elegant-$48

Simply Elegant

E1129-Simply Silver-$72

Simply Silver

E1593-Simply Spectacular-$72

Simply Spectacular

E645-Sing and Dance-$48

Sing & Dance

E998-Single Serving-$48

Single Serving

E1637-Skinny & Sassy-$62

Skinny & Sassy

E920-Skinny Thinnys-$48

Skinny Thinnys



E981-Sliced Clean Thru-$62

Sliced Clean Thru

E1977-Slightly Asian-$82

Slightly Asian

E1511-Slim Etchings-$72

Slim Etchings

E1982-Small Asian Art-$72

Small Asian Art

E1544-Small Swings-$72

Small Swings

E299-Smokey Mountain-$42

Smokey Mountain

E1079-So Loopy-$52

So Loopy

E1578-So Riveting-$62

So Riveting

E764-Sombrero Inspired-$48

Sombrero Inspired

R978-Some Bling Please-$152

Some Bling Please

E1031-Something's Fishy-$48

Something's Fishy

E623-Sorta Dressy or Not-$52

Sorta Dressy or Not

E585-Sorta Loops-$52

Sorta Loops

E586-Sorta Skinny-$52

Sorta Skinny

E971-Soul Shields-$48

Soul Shields

N547-Sounds of Silence-$88

Sounds of Silence

E1579-Soup's On-$62

Soup's On

E1184-Southwest inspired-$52

Southwest Inspired

N852-Special Potions-$118

Special Potions

B1471-Spinner Bangle-$98

Spinner Bangle

E1891-Spinner Earrings -SAMPLE

Spinner Earrings

R1006-Med Spinner with One-$148

Spinner Ring

E1506-Spinners on Spirals-$82

Spinners on Spirals

E1142-Spinners with Hooks-$52

Spinners with Hooks

E1738-Spinning Lentils-$72

Spinning Lentils

E733-Spinning Wheels-$52

Spinning Wheels

E797-Spinning Wheels-$52

Spinning Wheels

B1894-Spirals on Steroids-$128

Spirals on Steroids

E1104-Spirals on Steroids-$52

Spirals on Steroids

B1292-Spirit Box with Stone Bracelet-$198

Spirit Box with Stone

R1260-Spoon Ring-$72

Spoon Ring

N1161-Spoon This-$168

Spoon This

N974-Spoondangle Variation-$168

Spoondangle Variation

N975-Spoondangle Variation3-$88

Spoondangle Variation #3

N1033-Spoondangle with Greens-$118

Spoondangle with Greens

N818-Spoondangle with Pearls in REsin-$168

Spoondangle with Pearls in Resin

R2115-Square Sterling Ring-$138

Square Sterling Ring

E856-Stacked Paper Circles_$72

Stacked Paper Circles

R1919-Stacked Rings-$98

Stacked Rings

R1242-Stacked SS 7.5-$108

Stacked Sterling Silver Rings

R1243-Stacked SS 10.5-$108

Stacked Sterling Silver Rings

N1046-Stacked Stone Amulet-$148

Stacked Stone Amulet

R2114-Statement Maker-$158

Statement Maker

B2003-Statement Sterling-$268

Statement Sterling

E736-Steel Surprise-$48

Steel Surprise

B740-Steel Swirled_$72

Steel Swirled

N1917-Sterling Birdhouse-$218

Sterlig Birdhouse

B1708-Sterling Bangle-$166

Sterling Bangle

B584-Sterling Bangle with a Twist-$62

Sterling Bangle with a Twist

E1804-Sterling Crescent Rolls-$62

Sterling Crescent Rolls

R532-Sterling Cup with Citrine-$98

Sterling Cup with Citrine

E1483-Sterling Double Pyramids-$72

Sterling Double Pyramids

E421-Sterling Flower-$72

Sterling Flower

E665-Sterling Leaf-$72

Sterling Leaf

N663-Sterling Leaf-$168

Sterling Leaf

E1736-Sterling LInked Up-$62

Sterling Linked Up

E912-Sterling Mesh Posies-$82

Sterling Mesh Posies

B1821-Sterling Pair-$118

Sterling Pair

R1524-Sterling Pearl-$128

Sterling Pearl

E2086-Sterling Portholes-$82

Sterling Porholes

E827-Sterling Protection-$52

Sterling Protection

E1052-Sterling Ribbons-$52

Sterling Ribbons

E1185-Sterling Scrolls-$72

Sterling Scrolls

E512-Sterling Swirls-$48

Sterling Swirls

E1603-Sterling Swirls with Beads-$62

Sterling Swirls with Beads

E1266-Sterling Totems-$88

Sterling Totems

N1331-Still Spoonin'-$198

Still Spoonin'

E1032-Stirrup Inspired-$52

Stirrup Inspired

R905-Stone Meets Sterling-$138

Stone Meets Sterling





E1555-Stoplights on Parade-$62

Stoplights on Parade

N1856-Stories of the Sea-$188

Stories of the Sea

E1253-Story Sticks-$82

Story Sticks

B136-Subtle Bling-$78

Subtle Bling

N1017-Sun Maiden's Delight_$128

Sun Maiden's Delight

N803-Sunflower and Pearls-$118

Sunflower & Pearls

E864-Sunshine Tears-$52

Sunshine Tears

E2032-Sweet Sweet Silver-$72

Sweet Sweet Silver

E1616-Swing Low-$72

Swing Low

E748-Swinging Along-$52

Swinging Along

E1731-Swiging Pearls-$82

Swinging Pearls

E1205-Swinging Rectangles-$62

Swinging Rectangles

E1612-Swinging Trio-$62

Swinging Trio

E2201-Swinging Under an Asian Moon-$72

Swinging Under and Asian Moon

E1538-Swinging on the Moon-$62

Swinging on the Moon

E769-Swirled Copper Fantasy-$48

Swirled Copper Fantasy

N768-Swirled Copper Fantasy-$148

Swirled Copper Fantasy

E552-Swirled Elegance in Green-&48

Swirled Elegance in Green

E551-Swirled Elegance with Amber-$48

Swirled Elegance with Amber

E510-Swirls and Pearls-$48

Swirls & Pearls

E2048-Swirls & Bowls-$62

Swirls and Bowls

E1102-Swirly Days-$62

Swirly Days

E1843-Swirly Girl-$62

Swirly Girl

E731-Swirly Girl-$48

Swirly Girl


Swirly Girl

E1133-Swirly Girls-$$62

Swirly Girls

E1490-Swiss Cheese Dangles-48

Swiss Cheese Dangles

E1605-Tabbed Spiral-$52

Tabbed Spiral

E1011-Talk About Texture-$52

Talk About Texture

E488-Teal Centered Eanamels-$72

Teal Centered Enamels

E1187-Tears of the Moon-$62

Tears of the Moon

E1313-TeePee Inspired-$62

TeePee Inspired

E2027-Teeny Tiny-$62

Teeny Tiny

E2080-Teeny Tiny-$52

Teeny Tiny

E2083-Terra Jaspwer w Copper Hoops-$62

Terra Jasper with Copper Hoops

B1707-Textured Bronze Bangle-$88

Textured Bronze Bangle

B754-Textured Layers-$208

Textured Layers

E888-Textured medallions-$62

Textured Medallions

B1261-Textured Oval-$128

Textured Oval

B1939-Textured Panels-$218

Textured Panels

E1316-Textured Totems-$62

Textured Totems

N214-The Black Pearl-$148

The Black Pearl

E894-The Caged Planet-$52

The Caged Planet

E568-The Dancers-$62

The Dancers

N1295-TMemory Keeper's Fancy-$148

The Memory Keeper's Fancy

E1619-This, That & a Couple of Dot-$82

This, That & A Couple of Dot

E1611-Three Bells-$72

Three Bells

E1646-Three D Squares-$62

Three D Squares

R1334-Three Gold Beads-$158

Three Gold Beads

E1875-Three Little Beads-$62

Three Little Beads

E1584-Three Shapes Hanging-$72

Three Shapes Hanging

E1321-Through the Eye-$62

Through the Eye

N1227-Through the Looking Glass-$148

Through the Looking Glass

E2076-Thursday Creations-$62

Thursday Creations

E988-Thursday Loops-$52

Thursday Loops

E1238-Thursday Night-$52

Thursday Night

E1599-Time Capsules-$72

Time Capsules

E1679-Time Captured-$72

Time Captured

N1247-Time in a Spoon-$118

Time in a Spoon

E850-Tiny Bells-$72

Tiny Bells

E1806-Tiny Bells#2-$52

Tiny Bells #2

E2074-Tiny Copper Funnels-$82

Tiny Copper Funnels

E581-Tiny Dancer Series #3-$62

Tiny Dancer Series #3

E582-Tiny Dancer Series #4-$62

Tiny Dancer Series #4

E696-Tiny Dancer Series #6-$62

Tiny Dancer Series #6

E697-Tiny Dancer Series#7-$62

Tiny Dancers #7

E1346-Tiny Dancers of August-$72

Tiny Dancers of August

E1814-Tiny Pendulums-$62

Tiny Pendulums

B134-Tiny Rectangles-$62

Tiny Rectangles

E765-Tiny Spinners-$52

Tiny Spinners

E1356-Tiny Tears-$62

Tiny Tears

E1778-Tiny Tears-$52

Tiny Tears

E1054-Tiny Textures-$48

Tiny Textures

E692-Tiny Textures$48

Tiny Textures

E1309-Tiny Trio-$62

Tiny Trio

E1835-Tiny Trio-$72

Tiny Trio

E2109-Tiny Trio-$72

Tiny Trio Ring

N1647-Tizzy's Button-$148

Tizzy's Button

E1413-Totally Textured-$48

Totally Textured

N1078-Toitally Tubed-$168

Totally Tubed

E1026-Totally Tubublar-$62

Totally Tubular

N1082-Totally Tubular-$118

Totally Tubular

N2060-Tubes in Flower-$128

Totally Tubular

B1029-Totally Twisted$108

Totally Twisted



E1464-Trach Tubes Two-$72

Trach Tubes Two

E1435-Traffic Stop-$52

Traffic Stop

E767-Trapeze Spinners-$52

Trapeze Spinners

E1212-Trapped Pearls-$62

Trapped Pearls

N780-Treasure Bottle-$118

Treasure Bottle

E2056-They're Riveting-$82

Trey're Riveting

B919-Tri-Layered Cuff-$118

Tri Layered Cuff

E1562-Triangle Pillows-$82

Triangle Pillows

E1485-Triangles Meet Circles-$72

Triangles Meet Circles

E1485-Triangles Meet Circles-$72

Triangles Meet Circles



E1008-Trinity Inspired-$72

Trinity Inspired

E1121-Trio of Bells-$72

Trio of Bells

E1147-Trio of Cups-$62

Trio of Cups

E1019-Trio of Tiny-$52

Trio of Tiny

R1523-Trio on Top-$128

Trio on Top

E1258-Triple Domes-$72

Triple Domes

B843-Triple Layered Cuff-$78

Triple Layered Cuff

R1784-Triple Spinner-$149

Triple Spinner

E1453-Tubes for Tuesdays-$62

Tubes for Tuesdays

N802-Tubular Tonight-$168

Tubular Tonight

B682-Turquoise Meets Steel-$88

Turquoise Meets Steel

E681-Turquoise Meets Swavorski-$52

Turquoise Meets Swavorski

E499-Turquois Oval-$52

Turquoise Oval

E1189-Turquoise Sandwich-$52

Turquoise Sandwich

E537-Turquoise Spinners-$52

Turquoise Spinners





B339-Twisted Meets Straight-$84

Twisted Meets Straight

B855-Twisted Wires-$88

Twisted Wires

E476-Twisting Dancers-$52

Twisting Dancers

E1194-Two Part Textures-$62

Two Part Textures

E1310-Two and Three-$82

Two and Three

E1428-Under the Curve-$62

Under the Curve

E1429-Under the Sea-$82

Under the Sea

E1730-Unfurled Scrolls-$62

Unfurled Scrolls

N1447-Universe Displayed-$158

Universe Displayed

E1970-Up on Top-$62

Up on Top

E1528-Upcycled #2-$72

Upcycled #2

E1530-Upcycled #3-$82

Upcycled #3

E1530-Upcycled #3-$82

Upcycled #3

N1566-Vacation Revisited-$188

Vacation Revisited

N685-Verdigris Copper-$148

Verdigris Copper

E1744-Vintage Spinners-$48

Vintage Spinners

E1742-Washers Gone Wild-$52

Washers Gone Wild

E1440-Wearing of the Green-$72

Wearing of the Green

B794-Wednesday's Prize$68

Wednesday's Prize

E1307-WEdnesday's Work-$72

Wednesday's Work

E2085-Weird Windows-$82

Weird Windows

E1666-What a Combo-$48

What a Combo


Whimsey #1


Whimsey #2

B1275-Who Knew?-$128

Who Knew?

B866-Wide Silver Tab-$178

Wide Silver Tab

R890-Wide Spinner #3-$138

Wide Spinner #3

R932-Wide SPinner #3-$138

Wide Spinner #3

R933-Wide Spinner #4-$138

Wide Spinner #4

R1300-Wide Spinner size 6

Wide Spinner Ring

R868-Wide Spinner#1-$128

Wide Spinner Ring #1

R872-Wide Spinner#2-$128

Wide Spinner Ring #2

E1984-Windchime #2-$72


E1983-Windchime #1-$72

Windchime #1

E1362-A Cut Above-$62

Wired Up

E1681-With These Tears-$88

With These Tears

E1022-Words Around It-$72

Words Around It

N1021-Words Around It-$148

Words Around It

E1726-World on Fire-$72

World on Fire

N1128-World on a String-$118

World on a String

N1228-Woven Textures-$148

Woven Textures

B1071-Wrap Around Bracelet #1-$168

Wrap Around Bracelet #2

R1165-Wrap Around Copper Dots-$72

Wrap Around Copper Dots

R2038-Wrap Around Copper Ring-$48

Wrap Around Copper Ring

R1066-Wrap Around Ring w Beads-$138

Wrap Around Ring with Beads

R1047-Wrap Around Ring with Beads-$128

Wrap Around Ring with Beads

R1695-Wrap Around Ring with Cup-$148

Wrap Around Ring with Cup

R1931-Wrap Around with Blue Stone-$118

Wrap Around with Blue Stone

R1065-Wrap around Ring w Cup-$138

Wrap around Ring with Cup

E1641-Wrapped Silver Spiral-$72

Wrapped Silver Spiral

E1444-Yellow Enamel Hearts-$72

Yellow Enamel Hearts

E2020-Yellow Jade Beels-$82

Yellow Jade Bezels

E1878-Yin & Yang-$82

Yin & Yang