Get some great bargains on pieces that were made as samples for classes or that we are greatly discounting to make room for new invenotry
$20 SALE Pieces
B1925-Coin with Copper Links-$52

B1925 Coin with Copper Links - Originally $58, now $20

B1926-Shilling Captured-$52

B1926 Shilling Captured - Originally $52, now $20

E1901-Copper Planets-$48

E1901 Copper Planets - Originally $48, now $20

E1903-Brass Knots Hanging-$48

E1903 Brass Knots Hangin - Originally $48, now $20

E1987-Wire Wiggles-$48

E1987 Wire Wiggles - Originally $48, now $20

N1267-Eye Under Glass-$128

N1267 Eye Under Glass - Originally $128, Now $20