Custom Lisa's Custom necklace
Wondering what to do with some odd bits and pieces of your grandmother's old jewelry?  Do you have an odd silver spoon or fork that you want to turn into wearable art?  Have you taken a special trip and come home with a pocketful of international coins that could become a unique locket or perhaps dangle from a handmade chain or bracelet?  Do you have some favorite pieces of sea glass from a beach trip or stones from your favorite mountain hike?  All of these are possibilities for unique pieces of jewelry that can be specially created just for you or for a special someone.  Contact us & let's brainstorm what we can create together. Remember to include your contact information so we can be in touch about the details of your special order.

Here are just a few examples of pieces I’ve created especially for a client using some of their special &unique objects.

Custom High School charm bracelet reworked
More Personal than Pandora - Your “old school” charm bracelet becomes a new and funky version when I add beads or fun dangles

bottle necklace
This piece was commissioned as a retirement gift for a mother from her loving daughter. Mom retired from the postal service, and the daughter gave me a postage stamp from one of the letters her mother wrote to her while she was serving overseas in the military. The memory was transformed from a special stack of letters into a beautiful piece of wearable art

gold coin
International coins from a European visit are transformed into earrings & Buffalo Nickels from Grandpa’s coin collection are transformed into cufflinks
Custom Josh's cufflinks